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enter time against a project


Time entry is where you enter time against a project. Each block of time you enter is called a time card in Projector. The entered time can then be processed by your organization, whether that be for approval, rejection or charging to a client. The typical workflow for time entry is:

  • Select the week when the time was worked
  • Find the project the time goes against
  • Select the type of work performed
  • Enter the amount of time worked
  • Enter additional details like location or a description
  • Submit the time for approval

Time entry is accessible at this link:


A blue line appears over all days on which you are expected to work on a task. On the date the task is due you will see a  badge. Tasks due today or before today are marked with a   badge. 

To Go and Percent Done

Some DTM tasks provide the ability to provide give feedback on your progress. These tasks are associated with Detailed Task Management projects. Tasks that are assigned to you will feature the badge. Tasks that are past their due date will have the  badge. Projector will automatically calculate calculates your progress as you enter time. For example, if you enter 8 hours against a task has a budget of eighty hours and you enter thirty hours, then it is 3/8's complete. The percent complete slider will reflect this. The slider represents a snapshot for the current week. 16 hour task you are 1/2, or 50% complete. The  percent complete slider is time-phased. So if you go backwards in time entry you will see the task progressively becoming 'less complete.' This is normal. The slider should always represent how done you are at that exact point in time. You should  Do not override the completeness of a task in historical weeks to complete just because it is complete today'correct it'.


If the task is not going as planned then you can manually override the number of hours or percent to completion. To do this click the Details button and set the amount of remaining work. You can create multiple overrides as you progress. For example, the project may start out slower than expected so you set an override to reflect this. Later on progress is actually faster than predicted and you set a second override to show that you have gained ground. Once you set an override it is not possible to return to Projector's automatic calculations. This encourages truth in time reporting. You should be entering time according to what your actual estimates and predictions are, not what the project manager originally budgeted. 

If you have completed a task then check the Image Removed assigned to multiple resources, the Still to go and % done are for yourself ONLY. 

When the percent complete for a task is overridden, a small gray tick icon is icon Image Added is shown in the corner of the time entry cell.Image Removed Image Added

If you have completed a task then check the Image Added icon. If the task is assigned to multiple resources then this marks it complete for everyone.

Summary View

The summary view hides all projects and tasks with no time for the week. Use this to quickly cull a large list down to just what you have been working with.