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This form is reached by choosing View | Administration | Setup Heading | Stages | Engagement Subtab | Click Edit.

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Permissions and Settings


Stage SettingDescription

Allow Updates from Salesforce

Control the ability of the Salesforce integration to update engagements. These checkboxes are unavailable unless you have enabled the Salesforce Module and have both turned on automatic updates and set your credentials from the Salesforce Integration page.

Send Budget Alert Emails

Uncheck this box to disable budget alert emails from being sent out. This will help prevent unnecessary warnings when engagements are still in the opportunity stage or have been closed out.

Force All Projects to Stage

When this engagement stage is selected, force all projects within the engagement to a specific project stage. This is often used during the close out process. For example, when the engagement goes from opened to closed you want all child projects to also be in a closed stage. Click the Image Removed Image Added to open the menu and choose the targeted project stage. Select the blank option if you do not want to force projects into a new stage.