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  • Workflow Approval - initial approval of the expense. Once initially approved, it is eligible for the next two approval types, payment/reimbursement and include on invoice
  • Payment/Reimbursement Approval - this expense can be paid or reimbursed
  • Include on Invoice Approval - this expense can be included on an invoice and passed on to a client

The workflow approval stage is necessary before the next two approvals can take place. Those approvals can happen independent of one another. Take a look at the visualization below. See how after initial approval you can approve for either invoicing or payment?

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The Invoicing and Payment approvals are dependent on the Workflow approval. Or in other words, until an expense gets workflow approval, you aren't allowed to approve it for payment or invoicing. In addition, payment and invoicing are not dependent on one another. You can invoice before reimbursing and vice-versa. Projector supports this model because in some business cases you may wish to invoice a client despite the fact that you have not issued final approval for payment/reimbursement. 

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Configure Expense Approval