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Account SettingDescriptionShortcode MappingsExampleExample Shortcode
Display Name Format

When creating new resources and new users, this format is used to auto-populate their default display name. Afterwards you can change the display name to be anything you want. Changes here will not affect existing users and resources in the system, only new ones.

After making an edit here you will need to logout and then log in.

  • {0} - First Name
  • {1} - Middle Name
  • {2} - Last Name

Tom Sherman

{0} {2}

Named Role Format on Resource Scheduling TabWhen on the resource scheduling tab, how do you want to display roles that are assigned to someone?
  • {0} - Resource Name
  • {1} - Role Name
  • {2} - Title Name
Tom Sherman (Engineer){0} ({1})
Unnamed Role Format on Resource Scheduling TabWhen on the resource scheduling tab, how do you want to display roles that are unassigned?
  • {0} - Role Name
  • {1} - Title Name
  • {2} - Resource Name
Senior Consultant (Engineer){1} ({0}) - {2}
Force equivalent FX rates when costs are incurred and invoiced in the same currency

There is a certain situation called a "double hop" where the amount incurred on an expense will not match the amount invoiced. Or in layman's terms, the receipt says $10, but the client is billed $10.05 due to FX conversions. In most contracts the client is expected to absorb the cost of these FX conversions between when an expense is incurred and an expense is invoiced. By ticking this setting you force the expensed amount to equal the invoiced amount and your company will absorb the cost of FX conversions. Please see the FX Rates, Expenses, Invoicing, and Reports article for more information.

Tentative Role StringYou can enter a special character here. When that character is detected in a role name, it will be treated as tentative. This setting is very rarely used.n/a  
Allow Detailed Task ManagementDetailed Task Management is a special feature of Projector that allows you to create sub task-type tasks on a project. This allows for advanced project planning features like Gantt charts, percent complete tracking, and budgeting. Most organizations will leave this ticked.n/a  
Allow Resources to Update Hours to Go

When a project has Detailed Task Management enabled, resources are typically allowed to provide feedback through time entry on their task progress. This automatically updates your DTM plan based on resource feedback. For example, a task may be expected to take 10 hours. However, the resource reports through time entry that it will take them 12 hours.

With this setting off the resource cannot provide feedback on their progress through time entry.

Allow Resources to Use Web Calendar

A resource can subscribe to their Projector Calendar so that they can view it in applications like Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar.

With this setting off the resource will not have access to their calendar through other applications.

Enable Resource Cost Center Mapping OverridesWhen ticked you can reroute accounting data for a resource to a different cost center. You choose where the revenue goes on a per-resource basis from the Resource Info Tab. Most organizaitons will not use this feature.n/a  
Open Projects in PM Mode by DefaultNormally Projector opens projects in the most permissive mode possible. However, in some cases you may want your users to open projects in a less permissive mode. In this case, PM Mode. The more permissive mode you are bypassing is called Scheduler Mode. You can learn more about both in the Project Resource Scheduling Tab documentation.   
Allow Authentication via Report Authentication TokensWhen you run Projector reports, you have the option of accessing them via the web. Normally this access requires that you authenticate using your Projector username/password. When enabled, this option allows you to instead authenticate using a special token. The token can safely be shared without compromising your personal passwords. See Report Web Services for more information.n/a  
Allow Self-Approval of Expenses via Override/Set StatusTypically for audit purposes the ability to approve expenses for repayment to yourself is blocked. With this flag enabled, users with the cost center permission Administer Expense Document Approval and Payment can use the Set To dropdown box to approve-to-pay their own expenses.   
Auto-confirm A/R transactions that are entirely zero amountIf you issue an invoice with no net balance, then don't bother sending it over to your accounting system. This might happen if you have a pre-payment balance which entirely consumes the invoice amount. Or, you may have outstanding zero dollar time cards or cost cards and want to sweep them onto an invoice to clear them out of the system.   
Allow Specification of Force Dates Setting

This should almost always be off. If you turn it on, then a new option is presented in the QuickBooks and Dynamics GP accounting interfaces called Force the date of each transaction to fall within its accounting period. That option allows you to force transactions out of their natural Projector accounting period and to instead use date of synchronization as the accounting period. If you do this, Projector and your accounting system could be out of sync.

If you believe you have a legitimate reason for enabling this option, please contact the Projector Support desk to confirm.

Allow Fixed Price for Cost Contract Terms

It's often best to model Fixed Price cost contracts as Not to Exceed or to simply combine cost into your time contract. The reasons behind this logic are covered in How to clear deferred revenue on fixed price cost contracts.

Allow Requested Resources to Report Time/Expense on Projects Requiring AssignmentWhen time entry is limited through the flag Resources assigned to a role on the Project Info Tab, this checkbox governs whether the resource must be booked simply requested.

Prioritize revenue earn by date for unscheduled revenueWhen enabled, any unscheduled system revenue for a CLI falls on the "Revenue will be earned by date". When not enabled unscheduled revenue falls on the Actuals Cutoff Date of the report or dashboard.

Field Validation Enabled



Account SettingDescription
Hide Disallowed Projects

When searching for projects to add to your timesheet, only show projects that you have a role on. Useful if your organization has a lot of projects and the search results are overloaded. If you need to find a project you don't have a role on then you'll need to directly contact the project manager or an administrator and ask them to create a role for you.

Show only primary user type's AAM dashboards on homepageWhen using a business intelligence integration, the dashboards shown on a user's My Home Page are determined by their user type. If you UNtick this checkbox then dashboards for both primary and additional user types are displayed. If there is a duplicate dashboard between users type, we will only show it once.


These sections control access to features that have been migrated from Management Portal to Projector Web. 

Account SettingDescription
Management Portal Invoicing
  • Not Available
  • Read Only
  • Update Only
Available (default) -
  • Available (default) - create, edit and update invoices on the web
Web Invoicing Mode
  • Not Available
  • Read Only
  • Update Only
  • Available (default) - create, edit and update invoices on the web