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Web service reports are a seamless extension of our existing report engine. Every report you run in Projector is assigned a unique URL. You can find this URL by selecting a finished report and choosing Additional Actions | Show Report Output URL. This displays a dialog like the one below. Notice that we have a special link for each file format you might want the data in - excel, xml, csv, etc. You can cut and paste these URLs into a web browser to download or view the output. Or cut and paste them into other programs like Excel, Google Docs, or a Business Intelligence tool to consume them.

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Web Service Codes

The unique URLs displayed above are great if you want to access just this one report, but what if you want to run a saved report once a week? You don't want to go into Projector every time and find the new, unique URL. To handle this, we have what is called a Web Service Code. The first tab on any report is called Output, and is where you specify the web service code. With this code, we create a special link that stays the same no matter what. Now every time you rerun the same report, the data behind the URL gets refreshed. This is incredibly useful for creating dashboards or reports that automatically update. Two example links are below. The first link uses a web service code and always fetches the most recent report run. The second link uses a unique identification number and can only fetch a single report run.