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You might be wondering why you need no less than three conditions to schedule a role. The answer is that this gives you fine-grained control over what your schedulers have access to. For example, I can say that schedulers are allowed to book Tom on engagements in the USA only.

Share Role - If a PM does not have permission to schedule a resource due to the resource's cost center, the role can be shared to a cost center the PM does have permission for. For example, PM cannot schedule UK resources only US. A UK person goes in and shares the UK role with the US cost center. The PM can now schedule the resource. See Alien Resources.


If you have completely filled the scheduled hours grid, click the right arrow to add additional weeks.
Notes can be shown on a resource's home page if the system setting Show allocation notes on Employee Schedule is enabled. 

Request / Book Workflow

The main purpose of the resource scheduling tab is to request or book resources. A full overview of this process is covered in our Scheduling Overview How-To. The basic idea goes like this:


Notes are used to convey information between requestors and schedulers. Notes can be added in two places. You can add notes by editing the role and selecting the Notes tab. Roles with a note display a  icon.

Notes can be shown on a resource's home page if the system setting Show allocation notes on Employee Schedule is enabled. 

Or you can add notes directly to cells on this tab. A cell with a note displays a small triangle in the upper corner