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CardAccessPermission Required
AnnouncementsEveryoneChange Announcements from the Projector Web Editor
Management AlertsEveryoneThis card is only shown if you have action items. See the Management Alerts section to learn more.
Dashboards EveryoneRequires the Advanced Analytics Module. Add and remove Available dashboards are based on your user type. To add, edit, or remove a dashboard see the User Type Editor.
Time OffResourcesNone. Define time off reasons and balances from the Time Off Reason Editor. Control which ones are Set available reasons based on Resource Type.
ScheduleResourcesNone. Hours can be suppressed via the stage setting Display Booked Roles on Dashboard. Often used when planning stage work shouldn't be shown to resources yet.
UtilizationResourcesMade available based on your Resource Type. The formula Utilization is the ratio of hours to expected hours. The denominator used depends on the Utilization Basis Hours formula chosen.