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resources track their company expenses for reimbursement and invoicing


An expense report is used for tracking an individual resource's expenses. Each report contains expenses associated with projects the resource works on. Each expense can be individually approved for reimbursement and invoicing (as opposed to requiring the entire expense document to be approved).

Expense Reports are typically created in Expense Entry, but can also be created and edited through the management portal by administrators. Approvals of expense reports are always done in the management portal.

A typical expense report would be for a business trip where a resource includes plane tickets, cab fair, lodging, and meals. If these expenses were paid by the resource, they can be reimbursed for their outlay. If paid by a company credit card, your credit card provider may be reimbursed. In addition, those expenses will likely be pulled onto an invoice and passed onto a client for reimbursement to the company.

This page explains the basics of expense reports, which are a type of expense document. Please see these additional help topics if you don't know what an expense document is.


Right click an expense report from the expense browser and choose Delete.