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Configure Projector

Before you try and send accounting data over to Dynamics GP, you'll need to map all the accounting fields in Projector to your accounting fields in Dynamics GP. This process requires a knowledge of both Projector and Dynamics GP. That is why we recommend using one of our accounting consultants to make sure that everything is configured properly. An improperly configured installation takes significantly more time and money to unwind and fix than a proper implementation up front does. 

You can learn about all the places where accounts are mapped in Projector from our Account Mappings help page. Settings specific to Dynamics GP can be configured from the Account Settings Editor.

Connect to Dynamics GP

Install eConnect for your Great Plains installation. eConnect versions are tailored to your Great Plains version, so we don't provide downloadable links here. Please ask Microsoft if you need help locating the current version of eConnect for your server.

You can test whether eConnect is working by going to:

Start Menu -> Programs -> Great Plains -> eConnect Release Information

In the popup dialog enter the following: 

  • Under the SQL Instance field enter your database name
  • Tick the Windows Integrated Security checkbox
  • Leave SQL Username and Password fields blank (we are using Windows Security instead)

Press connect and you should see information about your Great Plains information displayed. If it fails, it doesn't prove that eConnect is failing. You just have insufficient privileges to test this way. However, if it does work, then you should be good to go.

** Note that use of the Dynamics GP connector through eConnect requires running the 64 bit version of the Projector Management Portal. **

Synchronize Settings

The table below explains each of the settings on this tab.

Send Projector transactions to Great Plains through the following accounting periodUse the drop down list to define the last accounting period transactions can be a part of
Send transactions only for the following companyYou can only synchronize one company at a time. If you have multiple companies, then you will need to sync them individually.
Choose which transactions to sendCheck the appropriate boxes to have pending A/R, A/P, and G/L transactions synchronized into Great Plains
Force the date of each Great Plains transaction to fall within its accounting period

This option has been deprecated. It is used to support legacy installations of Projector. Its availability is governed by an account setting. We do not recommend enabling or using this setting as it can cause Projector and Great Plains to go out of sync.

Specifically, this setting forces synced transactions to land in Great Plains on the day of the sync as opposed to Projector's assigned accounting period.

For example, Projector believes a transaction belongs in May. You sync it on June 10. Rather than syncing the transaction to May, it syncs to June 10 instead. This causes problems with reconciliation and audits down the road. Projector reporting says the transaction is in May, but Great Plains says it is in June.

Great Plains Version

Choose the version of Great Plains you will sync to. We support:

  • Great Plains 7.5
  • Great Plains 8.0
  • Great Plains 10.0
  • Great Plains 2010
  • Great Plains 2013
  • Great Plains 2015
  • Great Planis 2016
  • Great Plains 2018
Log file of transactions submitted to Great Plains and of the Great Plains responses

The Great Plains log is essential for troubleshooting. The log is kept in text format with the newest entries at the bottom. Viewing the log likely will be meaningless to you, but you can send it to support for review. The log is maintained on a per machine basis. So if you run into an error on one computer, and look at the log from another computer, they won't contain the same information.

  • Browse - specify a new log location
  • View Log - open the log in your default text editor
  • Send to Support - the log will be automatically uploaded to Projector for review by the support staff. You will still need to notify the support staff of the upload and provide context around why it was sent.
Send transactions for testing. Be sure to delete the batches from Great Plains after testingCheck this box if you are testing the synchronization of transactions and your transactions will be sent to GP, but remain pending in Projector. After running a test, make sure you delete the test transactions from GP.

Synchronize with Dynamics GP

Open Projector and go to your Integration tab | Great Plains subsection.

Then click Synchronize in the lower right of this tab. The following form is shown. Click Start Synchronization.

You are then presented with this dialog. Each field is explained in the table below. Fill out the form.

Great Plains User ID / PasswordThe grayed out upper section has no purpose. It is a placeholder area for when we enable SQL Authentication for passing credentials. For now, it is only a placeholder. Your Windows login is used for authentication.
Great Plains DatabaseThe name of the database containing your Great Plains data
Great Plains ServerThe server name where your database is hosted
Tax Detail IDPlease contact your Projector Consultant or Projector Support if you need help with this feature. For most users it is left blank

Click OK and Projector will sync your data.