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The accounting analysis report provides a detailed breakdown of the transactions that will be sent or have been sent to your accounting system, thus giving you detailed justification and reconciliation capabilities. The accounting analysis report is one of the principal tools that you can use to fend off your auditors when they start asking for backup for transactions that Projector has sent over to your accounting system.

Who this report is for

Operations and Finance managers are the principal consumers of accounting analysis reports.

Questions this report can answer



I have a failed GL transaction within a large batch, how can I find what needs to be fixed?

The Accounting Analysis report can be run on failed transactions and from available row/page fields the details of the transaction- what engagement, project, expense report or invoice the failed transaction pertains to can be determined.

Permissions and Settings

To run this report you must have the global permission Accounting System Interface set to view or update.

Prebuilt Reports

Your installation may include the following prebuilt reports.



Accounting Analysis Detail Report

Used in account reconciliation to gather details surrounding accounting transactions in Projector

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